CD's - $15.00 ea

Collection of contemporary favorites and original tunes

Christmas Time  

Collection of holiday standards and an original Christmas song

Deja New 

Companion tablature book also available.
Collection of our favorite traditional tunes, including some non-traditional arrangements and duets. 

CD's & Tablature Books 

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TABLATURE BOOKS - Price as marked

Speakeasy & Tin Pan Alley Tunes for Chromatic Dulcimer  ($30)  

  • Collection of 1920's  jazz, blues and dance tunes

‚ÄčLullabies  ($20) 

  • Melodies, Ensembles & Variations

The Wedding Book   ($20)  

  • Music & guidelines for wedding musicians

The Pickin' Porch  ($20) 

  • Fiddle tunes for mountain dulcimer & guitar

Play Pretty  ($20) 

  • Embellishment techniques for mountain dulcimer

Grace  ($20) 

  • A collection of hymns and inspirational songs

Waltzes for Mountain Dulcimer & Guitar   ($20)

Deja New (Tablature Book) ($20)

  • Accompaniment Book for CD of same name 

Finger-Pick Style Playing for the Mountain Dulcimer ($20)

  •  Collection of finger-pick style exercises and easy arrangements for the mountain dulcimer in DAD tuning.  

Ukulele  ($20) 

  • Beginner melody & chords 


Dana & Hank Gruber

Sweet Funk